Bowers & Wilkins Add 600 Series S3 Loudspeaker

bowers wilkins 600 series s3

Bowers & Wilkins just debuted the 600 Series S3, an eighth-generation loudspeaker. The new range includes four models: the floor-standing 603 S3, the 606 S3 stand mount, the 607 S3 bookshelf speaker, plus the HTM6 S3, a dedicated center channel for home theater. Each model is available in a choice of finishes, including oak, white or black — with a fourth cherry finish available in APAC markets only. To complete the range, a new FS-600 floor stand is available in silver or black.

All new models have been designed to work optimally together in various combinations as part of a 600 Series S3 Home Theatre System, integrating perfectly with the dedicated HTM6 S3 center channel and one of the existing ASW608 or ASW610 active subwoofers.

The most significant introduction to the new 600 Series S3 is an all-new tweeter dome technology, the Titanium Dome. The new tweeter is a two-part construction, with a very thin, light but rigid 25-micron main dome braced by a second 30-micron titanium ring. This new design is housed in a significantly elongated tube-loading system inspired by the design recently introduced in the new 700 Series S3. The longer tube loading system reduces the resonant frequency behind the dome and leads to a more open sound less impacted by the cabinet that houses it.

In addition, the new Titanium Dome benefits from a 700 Series S3-sized diaphragm mounting plate for better, more open dispersion and also includes the very latest, more open tweeter grille design taken directly from the recently introduced 800 Series Signature.

Bowers & Wilkins’ proprietary Continuum Cones continue to feature throughout the new 600 Series S3 range with the addition of more powerful, lower distortion 700 Series S3 motor assemblies for midrange and bass/midrange drive units. The paper cone bass drivers in the 603 S3 also now feature 703 S3 motor systems. Crossovers are also updated with high quality, upgraded bypass capacitors from the 700 Series S3, delivering higher resolution and transparency.

The 600 Series S3 cabinets has the tweeter, and the main drive units mounted closer together, using intersecting trim rings to improve integration and stereo imaging. On the speaker’s rear, a new terminal tray, taken from the 700 Series S3, is joined by a 700 Series specification bass port, improving performance and creating a stiffer cabinet. The enclosure’s rigidity is further improved by upgrading the internal bracing to a higher wood standard. Finally, the bottom of the 606 S3 and 607 S3 now include metal threaded inserts so that the speakers can be more securely fixed to the top plate of the new FS-600 S3 stands.