Bose Intros Wireless SoundTouch Music System

soundtouch_30_wf_lg-1013Bose is taking on Sonos head-on with its new SoundTouch system, which is available in three different sizes: the SoundTouch 30 for big rooms, the SoundTouch 20 for medium-sized rooms and the SoundTouch Portable for small rooms or portable applications.

Bose tells rAVe that its SoundTouch system is a custom-wireless audio system that automatically links any SoundTouch speakers together (creating its own Wi-Fi network that can be controlled via a handheld remote or Apps). Like Sonos, it can stream music and can play any sort of music file stored anywhere on your library or via Pandora. However, it’s not capable of streaming Spotify, iTunes Radio or iHeartRadio or others. Bose says they will add all those over the next few months, and the company says it thinks its car-stereo like pre-sets are the key differentiator because you don’t have to log-in to control it — you can simply press top-mounted buttons on any speaker to change sources or pre-set stations. The buttons are like macro-functions as they can change Internet Radio stations, can be programmed to change services (ie to change from iTunes to Pandora) or simply be used to change songs.

Bose says that there’s no zoning capability yet, but it’s coming.

To see all the specs, go here.