Bosch expands IP based Conference System under the DICENTIS name


Eindhoven/Grasbrunn – Bosch revolutionized the market with its DCN Digital Conference System. Today, to reaffirm its position as market innovator and to cater to an increasingly demanding conferencing market, Bosch announces the expansion of its IP based conference system portfolio with four new, wired devices under the DICENTIS name. As part of this expansion, Bosch will integrate its DCN multimedia System into the DICENTIS Conference System family.

DICENTIS: Flexible, scalable and built with the future in mind

The DICENTIS Conference System provides a future proof and scalable investment thanks to Bosch’s open media networking architecture, OMNEO.

With OMNEO, the DICENTIS Conference System makes use of fully standardized network technology for ease of integration, cost-effective installation and simple maintenance. In addition, the system enables easy expansion with OMNEO audio devices and a wide range of audio products supporting DanteTM technology. Enhanced functionalities can also be added to all DICENTIS devices via software and by integrating third-party or custom-made apps.

The interconnectivity of the OMNEO IP network architecture enables the DICENTIS Conference System to cater to every conference size from small companies to multinational corporations, as well as local, regional and national governments and international summits. The system is capable of connecting a network of up to 750 conference devices and seamlessly integrating with other systems sharing the network such as IP video streams or content management systems.

Finally, all audio and control data flowing through the system is securely encrypted in accordance with internationally recognized standards in order to protect against tampering or unauthorized access. This means that it is safely protected against tampering and unauthorized access.

Five devices supporting a diverse range of conference needs

With the creation of four new discussion devices in addition to the multimedia device, the DICENTIS Conference System will be able to meet a wide range of meeting needs. Equipped with advanced Bosch audio technology, cable redundancy and data encryption, these stylish devices continue the Bosch tradition of acoustic excellence, system reliability and security.

DICENTIS Multimedia device

The DICENTIS Multimedia device’s 7-inch user-friendly touchscreen interface is built for an interactive experience and greater user comfort. This device allows participants to access and share meeting content with fellow attendees and to have Internet access at their fingertips. It also ensures highly interactive, engaging meetings and an enhanced learning experience. Expanding the DICENTIS Multimedia device with voting, language selection and identification functionalities is also possible by simply adding software licenses.

DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen

The DICENTIS Discussion device with 4.3 inch touchscreen delivers many conference functions including dual use, language selection and voting. Fast participant recognition is possible by means of an NFC (Near Field Communication) identification card. The device’s touchscreen guides the participants through the meeting, allowing them to easily identify each speaker and to view the speaker request list. The screen also provides easy access to translations and voting information and allows two delegates to share a device but vote separately and listen to proceedings in two different languages.

DICENTIS Discussion device with voting

DICENTIS Discussion device with voting incorporates standard parliamentary-style voting facilities with touch buttons that only light up when the functionality is required. Voting access can be easily controlled via the device’s NFC identification function

DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector

DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector allows participants to listen to speakers in their own language. Selecting a language is easy and straightforward; simply plugging the headphone into the device will automatically activate the device’s language selection functionality. The delegate then scrolls through the list of available languages via the touch buttons on the device. DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector also supports dual use and fast participant recognition thanks to its NFC identification function.

DICENTIS Discussion device

The DICENTIS Discussion device supports structured discussion, allowing participants to raise their hand by pushing the discuss button and be placed in a discussion queue. Like all other DICENTIS devices, this device possesses the “possible to speak” function, providing clear indication to the delegate on when he or she can speak. Moreover, the dual use function allows two participants to share a single device, ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced cost.

About OMNEO IP technology: By utilizing both industry and open public standards, OMNEO provides future-proof technology with the highest level of interoperability, flexibility, reliability and resilience. OMNEO is based on two key technologies – the media transmission component Dante (from Audinate) and the system-control component OCA (Open Control Architecture). OMNEO enables a secure set up at competitively low system cost due to the use of standard IT components, along with lower installation and maintenance costs.