Boom Collaboration to Use ACC Distribution in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

boom collaboration acc distribution

Boom Collaboration has picked ACC Distribution to provide its product portfolio across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Boom Collaboration was created in 2020 by founders Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett.

According to Hörnkvist: “ACC Distribution is a very ambitious company just like us. This deal provides us with the platform to penetrate deeper into the Baltics as we continue to grow and develop around the world.”

Hulett added: “Together we can provide the reach, support and skills to help thousands of resellers capture greater levels of business, in a win-win for all parties. 2023 was a tremendous year for us and this new agreement follows-on from a host of similar wins such as a recent pan-European deal with Westcoast.”

ACC Distribution is based in Kaunas, Lithuania, and has over 300 vendors supplying more than 20,000 tech products. It is part of the Acme Group of companies.

ACC Distribution Brand Development Manager, Aleksandr Jakovlev, explained: “This is our official video conferencing manufacturer we are very thrilled to work with directly, and we are very excited by the great potential.

“Boom products combine high quality with exceptional value which will enrich our wider portfolio. They provide resellers with more choice and more ways to capture more business.”

Jakovlev highlighted: “Quality, innovation and professionalism are inherent across Boom and ACC, from start to finish. As a new brand in the Baltics, Boom Collaboration offers our customers something different at a very attractive price point. Video conferencing is a dynamic and fast moving market. Covid was the catalyst for huge growth and Boom can help us continue to accelerate our business.”

Boom Collaboration’s Area Sales Manager, Tero Huovinen, concluded: “We are all looking forward to working together and propelling Boom further into the Baltics market with enthusiasm and determination throughout 2024 and beyond.”