Bogen Communications Adds Two New Products for Nyquist Family

bogen communications nyquist aoip

Bogen Communications announced two new products for the Nyquist family, including the NQ-GA400P Audio-over-IP (AoIP) Gateway and NQ-GA40P3 Plenum-rated PoE++ Integrated Amplifier Module. Bogen Communications’ latest products expand the functionality of the Nyquist E7000 and Nyquist C4000, an IP-based paging, audio distribution and sound masking solution for education and commercial applications.

The NQ-GA400P AoIP Gateway provides customers with a bridge between analog and digital systems. The NQ-GA400P digitally encodes analog signals and transmits them over the network; they are then decoded by a second AoIP device to provide line-level audio to analog systems, such as amplifiers and analog paging or sound systems. Similarly, the NQ-GA400P can take analog audio signals, encode them and distribute them over the Nyquist network. Operating in standalone mode, a single unit can function as an audio endpoint for third-party SIP-based audio systems, and two units can be used to create an IP bridge between two distant analog audio systems.

The NQ-GA40P3 Plenum-rated Integrated PoE++ Amplifier Module features an increased power output of this product series to widen audio coverage for one-way, single-zone paging and audio distribution. Featuring 40W of amplification, the NQ-GA40P3 extends the output power range of this amplifier module series, thus providing “more flexibility to system architects and installers.” Notably, the NQ-GA40P3 PoE++ Amplifier Module is plenum-rated to enable installation in various areas, including within walls, above suspended ceilings and on shelves. The NQ-GA40P3 is powered through a PoE++ capable network or, alternatively, a PoE-power injector, such as Bogen Communications’ newly introduced PI5660W PoEBT Injector, which creates a solution to integrate higher-powered PoE devices while eliminating the need for customers to upgrade to new PoE++ capable network switches.