Bogen to Debut Four New Lines at InfoComm

bogen-infocomm-0515Bogen Communications will be introducing several new products at InfoComm 2015 including a line of compact, half-rack width amplifiers; a 500-watt amplifier; a compact line array loudspeaker system; and a digital loudspeaker controller.

The CC4062MBT is the latest model in the CC-Series of amplifiers which are 40-watt compact amplifiers with varying inputs and features. The new CC4062MBT provides seven inputs (three mic/line, one aux, one tel, a built-in Media Player with EQ, as well as Bluetooth source-pairing capability) and an MOH output. In addition, it offers individual phantom power for MIC inputs, volume controls for each input, priority muting, bass and treble controls and a REC output. These amps are housed in half-rack width enclosures. Each amplifier measures 8-1/4” wide by 3-1/2” high by 10-3/8” deep and weighs 11 pounds. They work with 70V, 25V, 4-ohm and 8-ohm speaker systems.

Bogen has also added a 500-watt amplifier to its Gold Seal Series. This new addition, Model GS500, provides the same features as the other five models in the series but with double the power (500 watts). Features include seven inputs (four mic, one mic/tel, one mic/aux, one aux); 10-band graphic equalizer; loudness contour control; audio enhancement; phantom power for each MIC input; variable music muting; remote master volume control; automatic level control; balanced line driver output; low-cut filter for MIC channels; and AUX fade back after TEL page.

The Gold Seal Series works with 4-ohm, 8-ohm, 25V, 25VCT and 70V systems. The GS500 provides several safety features such as thermal and overload protection. Separately sold accessories include a tamper-resistant front cover, rack mounting kit and a remote volume control.

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Bogen’s ALA-1 system is a compact line arrays system consisting of four parts:

  1. The ALA-1 is the main array, which incorporates four metal-alloy woofer cone drivers featuring the pioneering voice-coil guidance system by NEAR, with Ferrofluid in the magnet gap.
  2. The ALA-1LT Long-Throw module increases the array length by 50 percent, focusing this extra energy to augment and extend the performance of the ALA-1 for longer distances.
  3. The ALA-1DF Down-fill Module increases vertical coverage below the main array greatly improving articulation in front row near-field listening areas often eliminating the need for stage-based front fill speakers.
  4. The ALA-1S has a 12” woofer which provides high output and extended bass for music and video productions. In addition, a unique mounting bracket that allows the full ALA array to be suspended and tilted.

Finally, the Apogee Model DLX24 is a two-input by four-output digital loudspeaker controller that they say is designed for both live sound and fixed installations. The DLX24’s software allows custom configuration of any combination of Apogee speaker presets and provides remote volume control and monitoring of the speaker system through a PC USB interface. Users can access up to 8 bands of parametric equalization, up to 910 milliseconds of delay, LP and HP crossover filters, and peak compressor/limiter (per input channel). Output channels offer the same input capabilities and include an additional RMS compressor/limiter. Output channels can be specific protected Apogee speaker presets or non-protected for non-Apogee products.

All the specifics will be posted here when they officially announce.