Biamp Adds to Tesira Amplifiers

biamp-tesira-amp-1015Biamp Systems introduced four new amplifier models to it’s Tesira’s network amplifiers lineup. The four include the four-channel 175-watt AMP-4175R, the eight-channel 150-watt AMP-8150R, the four-channel 350-watt AMP-4350R, and the four-channel 300-watt AMP-4300R CV with constant voltage. The amplifiers feature dual AVB/TSN ports for tnetwork redundancy and feature slots for optional analog failover cards to continue signal flow if the network stream is lost and these slots can also be used for optional I/O on the back panel. The Tesira amplifiers offer bridgeable channels to combine channels, a front-panel display for quick performance feedback and convenient front-panel adjustments to modify amplifiers locally.

Biamp Systems’ Tesira amplifiers begin shipping in spring 2016 and specs of each model are here.