Biamp Gets Patent for Burst Mode

Biamp says it has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the burst mode technology used in several of its Tesira conferencing solutions. Burst mode is an element of its single cable-connection solution, which is designed to provide simpler installation with standard CAT cables via PoE.

The patent covers a feature that delivers higher peak output from amplifiers powered by PoE+. During normal operation, the amplifier stores up power to be used during moments where higher output is needed. When peak power is required, to cover items like lower frequency, audio tracks or louder speech, the amplifier’s power supply uses the stored energy to significantly increase output power for a short period of time. In the case of Biamp’s Tesira AMP-450 family, the devices can take the 25.5 watts delivered by PoE+ and generate peak outputs of up to 200 watts across four channels. Biamp says that’s enough to drive loud music in a large training room for 100 people.

Burst power technology also enables Biamp to create powerful-sounding amplifiers in very compact form factors. For example, the Tesira AMP-450BP is small and light enough to be directly mounted to a Desono C-IC6 in-ceiling loudspeaker. A single AMP-450BP can drive up to eight C-IC6 loudspeakers using just CAT cables, meaning that a structured cabling crew can complete the entire above-ceiling audio rough-in for a conference room. In the case of the Parlé TCM-XA ceiling and TCM-1A pendant microphones, burst technology allows Biamp to include a 2-channel amplifier in the same enclosure as the microphone electronics. This reduces the total number of devices and network drops required for system deployment. This commitment to streamlining the system design and installation process is further reinforced by the TesiraCONNECT expansion device, which delivers PoE+ power and streaming media for Tesira conferencing products.

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Here are all the specs.