Barix Ships Third-Generation Audio-to-Mobile Solution

Just in time for InfoComm, Audio over IP company Barix has started shipping AudioPoint 3.0, the third generation of the low-latency audio-to-mobile platform that sparked the convergence of digital signage, audio streaming and BYOD trends. Supporting two channels of audio streaming for up to 250 simultaneous mobile listeners in each fully-integrated hardware device, AudioPoint 3.0 will make its North American debut at the Barix booth, C3465, at InfoComm 2018 (June 6-8, Las Vegas).

Version 3.0 of AudioPoint significantly accelerates signal processing for stream reliability while reducing the solution’s latency to further tighten lip sync. Allowing audio streaming to mobile devices over local Wi-Fi in near-perfect synchronization with associated displays, these advances enhance AudioPoint’s benefits for giving digital signage a voice while enabling new applications serving hearing-impaired audiences, live translations and presentation support in corporate, worship and education settings.

These real-time advantages also make AudioPoint 3.0 an ideal direct-to-listener, personal audio delivery system for volume-sensitive environments such as hotel lobbies, libraries and museums or noisy locations such as live event venues and sports bars.

Built on Barix’s new IPAM 400 IP Audio Module, the new AudioPoint 3.0 hardware combines all required functionality including encoding and channel server capabilities into one compact form factor to lower costs and integration time. Enhanced networking intelligence ensures compatibility with most professional and off-the-shelf routers, simplifyingpurchasing and deployment while speeding installation.

AudioPoint 3.0’s efficient architecture makes operation straightforward for customers and their audiences. Source audio — whether associated with video content, or a microphone feed in a live scenario — is fed to the audio input of the AudioPoint 3.0 hardware, which encodes it in real time for streaming. Visitors connect their mobile devices to a Wi-Fi access point on the same network as the AudioPoint unit, and the Barix Audio Signage app — available in app stores or via a QR Code displayed on site — immediately enables the live stream. Consumers can select between available audio channels in the app, letting them choose between languages or switch to the soundtrack of another nearby local display screen.

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