Barix Announces Paging Gateway M400 Hardware to Enable Paging from Smartphones to Analog PA Systems

Barix Paging Gateway M400 hardwareBarix announced its newest paging and public address application, the Paging Gateway M400 hardware. The new device enables paging from smartphones into almost any existing analog PA system. The new gateway also integrates into Barix’s fully IP-based IC Paging solution for zone-based paging from web browsers and mobile devices.

Integrating with most existing analog paging or public address systems, the Paging Gateway M400 lets users send paging announcements from Android or iOS mobile phones or from any computer on the local network. Paging is performed through a web browser, eliminating the need for the installation of a dedicated app. Users can drop a browser shortcut button onto their phone’s home screen and then page with a single click. Line-level, analog audio output from the Paging Gateway M400 hardware can be routed to existing paging and PA amplifiers, while password-protected access ensures only authorized users can page.

The new hardware can also extend Barix’s advanced IC Paging platform. IC Paging is an IP-based paging and two-way intercom platform that delivers high-quality audio over existing IT infrastructure without requiring a server or matrix.

The Paging Gateway M400 enables mobile phones and computers to be used as zone-capable paging stations in new or existing IC Paging deployments. The user selects the zones that he or she wants to page into, and IC Paging will automatically route the announcements to the right speakers or zone amplifiers.

As a bridge between smartphones and IC Paging, the new gateway further expands the platform’s array of endpoint options. Other intelligent audio endpoints for IC Paging include the IP Former decoder/amplifier for turning low-impedance loudspeakers into networked IP speakers; the Exstreamer M400 IP audio decoder; and the Annuncicom PS Touch desktop master talk station. IC Paging also integrates with Barix’s popularRetailPlayer background music streaming solution.