Barco’s Overture AV Monitoring and Control Software Adds Automation and Increased Security

Barco has announced that its AV monitoring and control solution, Overture, now includes Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. This latest update to Barco’s AV control solution uses ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for Cloud and On-Premise deployments respectively. These two elements offer increased security through enterprise level access control, as well as the ability to manage users and user groups in the Active Directory environment.

With the integration to Microsoft Exchange, Overture automates the room and its devices based on the room schedule. The automation ensures that as participants enter their meeting, the room is set in the correct state.

Once the meeting ends, the room will automatically switch off all relevant devices. If a meeting ends up not taking place, the power saving automation preset prevents device power usage and releases the room back to Exchange as available.

Overture is here.