QSC Expands Reach of Q-SYS Platform with Global Caché Partnership

QSC and Global Caché have announced a partnership that enables the Q-SYS Platform from QSC to control Global Caché iTach devices and GC-100 Network Adapters, as well as a connection to its Control Tower IR cloud database. Through these co-developed plugins, integrators can finally bridge the networking gap to IR devices by bringing software-based network control to over 200,000 non-networked IR devices via the Q-SYS Platform, and placing any of these controls onto native Q-SYS touch screen controllers.

The Global Caché iTach plugins allow Q-SYS to control the iTach family of products, which includes a choice of wireless or wired connectivity to IR, serial and contact closure equipment. Similarly with the GC-100 plugins, users can connect to the most commonly used systems such as security, lighting and TV’s so they can easily be managed and accessed via the Q-SYS Platform. With the Control Tower IR Database plugin, Q-SYS users can import IR codesets from Global Caché’s unique and extensive online database for use with associated hardware in a Q-SYS environment.

Global Cache is here and QSC is here.