AVPhenom Press Release Challenge! Round 1 (Ding)

OK, so I received only a few nominations last week for my Press Release Re-Write Challenge.  There were some great submissions and I reserve the right to keep them in the mix for the next 2 weeks as well.  This week however, based on InfoComm being last month, and a recent BlogSquad post by Jeremy Birch about the product, I decided to tackle Scott Tiner’s suggestion of Crestron’s AirMedia Press Release.

Read the original release and then read the AVPhenom version below and tell me which one would make you click through or visit the booth.  If you have a suggestion of one you’d like to see rewritten, or you have a draft of one that you’d like to see an alternate version for, submit in the comments below, on twitter @AVPhenom, or email me!


June 12th, 2013

Presentations. . .Unleashed.

Introducing AirMedia, from Crestron, the wireless way to present, share, and collaborate from any device.


Crestron’s AirMedia Gateway is a small box with a big punch!  It has an ethernet connection for network connectivity and connects to a projector or display via VGA or HDMI.  It can be installed either at the display or projector, or at the rack as a video source in a larger AV system.

No Floor Box? No Problem!

AirMedia leverages a Wi-Fi network to wirelessly share the screen of a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone to the projector or display, eliminating the need for a floor box or in-wall cabling.

There are 3 easy ways to connect your device to AirMedia.

1)      The App- Download the AirMedia App for mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones that run Windows 8, Apple iOS, or Android.

2)      The Web Go to the AirMedia page on your internet browser and use the web utility to begin your presentation.

3)      The .exeInstall the AirMedia software on company devices like laptops and PCs, or provide it on a USB thumb drive for guest devices.

Ditch the Dongles.Video Adapters

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Crestron’s  AirMedia works wirelessly, which means that drawer full of adapters and dongles is now a thing of the past.

You no longer have to worry about which video output will be available on the presenter’s device, as AirMedia captures the video being displayed and transports it to the projector or the display.

BYOD. . . x 32!

Crestron’s AirMedia allows up to 32 devices to connect at one time.  Whether you have a C-Level meeting of top executives or a town council session with a dais, multiple people can be ready to share content on their devices instantly.

AirMedia allows one presenter to share in full screen mode or up to four presenters to share simultaneously in a quad view mode to inspire real time collaboration.

Because AirMedia can connect with up to 32 devices, in larger systems it can even reduce the number of inputs you traditionally may have needed on your video switching devices.  No more running separate cables to multiple locations within the same room.

Eliminate saw cutting a conference room floor, ditch the dongles, allow anyone to share their own device to the screen wirelessly, and reduce the number of inputs needed on video switching devices.

Crestron’s AirMedia does all this and can be used as a standalone system or as part of a larger AV project.  Oh, and did we mention it also allows up to 40 users to view presentations remotely via the web to extend the reach outside the room?

Crestron AirMedia, your presentation has just been unleashed.

To see Crestron AirMedia and many other new products in action, visit Crestron booth #2900 at the Orlando County Convention Center, June 12-14.

Not going to InfoComm?  You can also learn more about Crestron’s AirMedia on our website or contact your local Crestron integration partner for more details.