Avocor and Nureva Partner for Avocor Note

Avocor Note by Nureva is a brand-new update to the Avocor Note, partnering with the experienced software development team at Nureva to create a powerful whiteboarding software tool that allows anyone to create fast and professional looking content.

The software has been specifically designed with collaboration in mind and takes full advantage of the Windows Share charm, allowing users to easily export sessions into other Windows 10 applications. The software also fully integrates with Nureva’s Cloud based Span solution, enabling users to start whiteboarding sessions in Avocor Note by Nureva and then easily move content into the Span ideation solution therefore creating a complete end-to-end collaboration solution for multi-group collaboration.

Avocor Note by Nureva fully supports multiple image formats, allowing end users to bring in their own backgrounds, image objects and vector icons and creating stunning visual content. In addition, Avocor Note by Nureva will also ship with a wealth of professionally created content to allow impactful whiteboarding sessions quickly.

The software integrates with the revolutionary Avocor Intelligent Touch using InGlass technology, which, via object recognition, differentiates between pen, finger and palm, and can also be used on 3rd party touch screen devices. In addition, because Avocor Note by Nureva has been specifically designed from the ground up for Windows 10, it does not suffer from lagging issues unlike other existing or legacy whiteboard applications may.

Avocor Note by Nureva will be available for download through the Windows Store and will also come included as standard with all Avocor interactive displays from June 1st 2017. Here are the details.