AVIXA Recognizes First-Ever India-Based APEx Company

AVIXA this week recognized Aesthetix Technologies India Pvt Ltd. as the first AV Provider of Excellence (APEx) company in India.

APEx is AVIXA’s recognition program for companies that set high standards for employee training and certification and meet their clients’ needs by delivering integrated experiences. With the APEx designation, Aesthetix joins an elite group of close to 90 integration companies and AV design consulting firms worldwide.

To receive APEx recognition, a company must demonstrate a high level of service quality and technical capability by building a team of Certified Technology Specialists (CTS), adhering to AVIXA performance standards, and proving ongoing customer satisfaction. AVIXA’s CTS certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute under the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ISO/IEC 17024:2012 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification Schemes of Persons program.

“We believe in building excellence, and the key word is ‘building,'” said Sudan Mylsamy, managing director of Aesthetix Technologies. “Achieving APEx is a milestone in our ongoing pursuit of excellence, signifying constant improvement and change for the better.”

Although many of Aesthetix Technologies’ employees already hold CTS certifications, Mylsamy’s intent is on adding to its staff of certified professionals. “We want to ensure most of the technical team is certified, not only because we wish to retain our APEx designation, but also because we believe that education is one commodity of which we can never have a surplus,” he said. “It trains our team to think clearly and act rightly.”

“The enterprise membership has enabled Aesthetix to equip its employees with the know-how and skills to serve our clients better,” Mylsamy said. “Having brand-agnostic knowledge in the realms of design and installation is something we deem mandatory to engaging and servicing our clients with optimal efficiency. We have benefited greatly from the various standards that AVIXA has pioneered, enabling a structured approach to every project.”

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“It is tremendous to see Aesthetix earn India’s first APEx designation,” said Gaurab Majumdar, AVIXA regional director. “Becoming an APEx company takes commitment. We continue to see growth and excitement for exceptional AV solutions and services in the Indian market. An AV integrator such as Aesthetix raises the bar for the many other providers delivering AV experiences in the region.”

Information on the APEx program can be found here. Standards information can be found here. And, of course, AVIXA is here.