Aviom Announces New A320 Personal Mixer

Aviom’sAviom_A320_Personal_Mixer-0914 A320 Personal Mixer is an affordable personal mixer designed for use with in-ear monitors as well as headphones. The A320 features is reminiscent of the old mixers in that is has no menus to navigate, no complex programming, no computer required — just buttons and knobs.

The A320 utilizes a 32-channel mix engine for mixing up to 16 mono or stereo sources. The A320 includes an interesting Stereo Placement control introduced originally on the Aviom A360, but in a simplified version that combines the pan and spread of stereo signals into a single control. This allows both mono and stereo sources to be positioned in the stereo field of the mix as a whole, significantly improving the user experience with in-ear monitors and headphones, while providing the most streamlined user interface.

The A320 also offers per-channel volume, mute, and solo, as well as the same three-band master tone controls found on the A360. Each A320 can store up to eight mix snapshots — saved in the first eight channel button locations — plus its current mix across power cycles.

Here are the details.