AVer Introduces CAM520 Pro3 Conferencing Camera and VB350 Video Bar


AVer Information announced the CAM520 Pro3, a professional-grade, 1080p conferencing camera and the VB350, a dual-lens enterprise-grade video bar. Designed for medium to large conference rooms, AVer says the CAM520 Pro3 and VB350 feature a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) design to elevate video conferencing experiences. Both devices have received Zoom certification.

According to Aver, the CAM520 Pro3 features a 12X optical lens and a 36X total zoom. Users can capture wide-angle shots with an 80-degree diagonal field of view and flexible pan and tilt controls to quickly focus on presenters, attendees, content on whiteboards or physical objects. AVer says the CAM520 Pro3 includes many intelligent features, such as AVer SmartFrame, Preset Framing and Smart Composition. With SmartFrame, the CAM520 Pro3 automatically focuses on participants, working from up to 22 feet away. Additionally, Preset Framing follows presenters through preset areas to deliver clarity to remote participants.

AVer claims the CAM520Pro3 is the first PTZ camera to integrate Smart Composition, an embedded AI function that captures meeting participants’ images to facilitate productive video conferences. Smart Composition enables users to integrate headshots and half-body views easily, smoothly converting from an individual visual to a group image. The CAM520 Pro3 boasts image quality with Sony WDR, a super-low-light eight-megapixel sensor, to offer images and video in WDR. As a result, AVer says the CAM520 Pro3 refines highlights, shadows and white balance, even in dimly lit environments.

AVer says the VB350 combines dual 4K lenses, a 113-degree field of view and optical 18X zoom capability to capture “sharp, detailed images” of wide and deep viewing angles. Featuring lens-shifting technology, the VB350 captures all meeting attendees while promoting “smooth and seamless” conversations. The VB350 includes AVer’s SmartFrame technology, which automatically centers meeting participants from up to 22 feet away. The VB350 features Presentation Tracking, locating and framing the area around the designated speaker. If the presenter moves, the VB350 will track and zoom to provide a high-quality image, even outside the preset location, according to AVer. Additionally, Conversation View tracks the speaker in real-time. As additional participants join the meeting, the camera smoothly transitions to auto frame and captures the entire group’s dynamics to create “engaging and immersive” meetings.

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The VB350 includes AVer’s Audio Fencing technology to ensure “outstanding sound” for medium to large-sized meeting rooms. AVer says Audio Fencing is designed to turn any space into an uninterrupted meeting zone by silencing any distraction outside the viewing angle. With a 14-beamforming microphone array pickup, the VB350 accurately captures resonant sound from up to 32 feet away. Ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, the VB350 includes an HDMI port for TV connectivity that allows meeting participants to connect their devices to a larger display utilizing a standard USB cable. With support for RS232 and Visca over IP, users gain control over the VB350, enabling them to interact with other devices and systems within their conference room.

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