Legrand and Microsoft Collaborate to Design Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms


Legrand announced new Microsoft hybrid conferencing spaces designed for Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms featuring products from Legrand, North and Central America. Legrand claims Microsoft has become integral to the way we collaborate and learn. The company says creating a “premium in-room experience” with the complete conferencing platform is what the Signature Teams Rooms are all about.

Legrand says Signature Teams Rooms were developed to be “immersive and inclusive” meeting spaces enhanced for hybrid experiences that can be easily deployed at scale around the world.  Microsoft had to develop new equipment and standards to implement this vision, either for new construction or retrofits. This involved changes to the room layout, furniture, audio-visual equipment and Teams. Microsoft said it looked at technologies that could make remote employees feel more included in meetings and help people present in the room feel more connected to those joining remotely.  Legrand was a “valuable partner” because of its “breadth of AV infrastructure, building controls, electrical infrastructure, lighting and acoustics solutions.”

For these two new showcase spaces, Legrand says it provided key components that helped simplify the typical order, delivery and integration experience for Microsoft. These include:

  • Productivity and AV solutions from Middle Atlantic and Chief, including the Forum Arc Tables, which ensure everyone physically in the room faces the camera, the Forum Collaboration Suite Display Stand, which is robust enough to support the Jupiter Pana 105 display and Chief’s Voyager Cart to deliver the Microsoft Surface Hub to any point in the room for better collaboration.
  • Legrand says it offers a variety of furniture power solutions that supply convenient and configurable power and charging access — including units that install directly into desks, tabletops and upholstered furniture along with the Evolution Series 8″ Recessed Poke-Thru device for access to power and audiovisual services recessed below floor level.
  • Legrand says architectural acoustic wall panels from Focal Point provide improved room acoustics for both remote and in-person users while also establishing a cohesive, modern aesthetic with the Forum Display Stand.
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More information about the Legrand and Microsoft collaboration is available at: www.legrandav.com/resources/industry-collaborations/microsoft-teams.