AVer Information Launches DL30 AI-Based Auto Tracking Distance Learning Camera

averAVer Information announced the launch the DL30, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Auto Tracking Distance Learning Camera. Designed specifically for the K-12 distance learning classroom but can be used in training, houses of worship and UCC spaces, the DL30 boasts advanced AI to automatically detect the teacher’s movement in the classroom, allowing them to focus on delivering their curriculum instead of worrying about staying within the camera’s view.

The AI technology of the DL30 drives two auto-tracking modes including “presenter tracking” or “zone tracking” with no need for a camera operator. Presenter tracking allows the camera to automatically follow the presenter with either full body or half body, or manually track any other specific presenter. Since the AI technology focuses on the body rather than the face, the camera recognizes and follows the presenter even if he or she is wearing a PPE mask. Since the DL30 does not rely on voice-tracking or the need to wear a lanyard, the teacher is always kept in camera view regardless of any other noise interference or loss of contact with a sensor. Zone tracking allows automatic tracking between multiple preset zones to support different learning stations in the classroom. Completely hands-free, the DL30 provides the flexibility for the teacher or presenter to move freely about the room and let the camera do the work.

The 12x optical zoom provides a clear and precise image of the teacher regardless of how far he or she is from the camera, allowing remote students to remain engaged with the instructor. When the camera is not in use, privacy mode automatically kicks in where the camera head rotates downward 90 degrees into its cradle to ensure privacy in between classes, conferences or other times privacy is necessary.

The included free software allows for video recording, image capture and livestreaming, while administrative features allow for the easy maintenance, control and management of hundreds of cameras from a single location. Compatible with all major videoconferencing platforms used for distance learning such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangout, the DL30 will integrate with whichever solution the school is using. Connecting a document camera allows the teacher to display physical objects and material simultaneously during a lesson.