AVer Information Announces TR315, TR335 Professional PTZ Cameras With AI Auto-Tracking

aver information tr315 tr335

AVer Information announced the TR315 and TR335, a pair of professional-grade pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras featuring AI auto-tracking. From corporate meetings and educational seminars to live performances and worship services, the TR315 and TR335 claim to deliver exceptional performance in any setting.

AVer’s TR315 boasts a 12X optical zoom lens with 4K 60 fps resolution through HDMI, USB and IP outputs catering to users across various industries, including higher education, houses of worship and enterprise. AVer says the TR315’s 12X optical zoom feature “seamlessly operates while the camera is panning and tilting, allowing the ability to accentuate content and quickly shift between shooting perspectives, capturing the moment with the advantage of dynamic, crystal-clear video feeds through the TR315’s unparalleled PTZ performance.”

The TR335 blends a 30X optical zoom lens with 4K 60 fps resolution through HDMI, USB and IP outputs, catering to broadcasting, streaming and recording enthusiasts’ diverse needs. AVer says the TR335’s optical zoom smoothly operates while panning, tilting and zooming to grant users the flexibility to quickly shift between shooting perspectives, capturing every moment with precision and clarity.

The TR315 and TR335 boast intelligent AI-functionality, including Presenter Mode, Zone Mode and Hybrid Mode, to “simplify the user experience.” Presenter Mode is designed to enhance presentations with intelligent tracking that keeps the focus on the speaker, ensuring a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Zone Mode empowers users to customize tracking zones to capture specific areas of interest, allowing users to tailor the camera’s focus to suit their unique requirements. Meanwhile, Hybrid Mode Tracking “seamlessly blends auto-tracking with smooth PTZ operations for fluid movement and precise control, delivering professional-quality footage in any scenario.”