Aveo Systems Updates Mira Connect — Now Includes More Zoom Room Meeting Management

aveo systems mira connect zoom room

Aveo Systems updated Mira Connect for management of Zoom Rooms meetings, including the ability to easily select from multiple wired video content sources.

Mira Connect allows users to route wired video sources directly through a video switcher and control all sources using a single HDMI-to-USB interface on the Zoom Rooms device. To start content sharing when not in a meeting, users simply select the desired source from a pull-down list, and Mira Connect launches the Zoom Rooms sharing meeting automatically. If already in a meeting, the selected content source will be shared automatically.

Additional updates for Zoom Rooms management include automatic power-on of displays when starting a call; customization of Zoom labels on the Mira Connect touch panel; and the ability to view the Zoom meeting information (including passcodes and dial-in information), and invite others to join the meeting.

In addition to managing Zoom Rooms devices, Mira Connect controls the rest of the A/V equipment in the room and supports many other user-focused features including one-touch dialing from directory entries and calendar invitations.