Visionary PacketAV Matrix Series Now Offers Control Operations With Aveo Systems Mira Connect

September 27, 2023

Visionary and Aveo Systems have partnered to introduce expanded control operations for Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series with Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect. The Mira Connect family of products now integrate with Visionary’s AV-over-IP products to enhance overall control and user experience. The partnership aims to provide users with a “seamless, intuitive and engaging experience when interacting […]

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Just Add Power Video-Over-IP Distribution Solutions Now Supported by Mira Connect

May 26, 2021

Just Add Power announced that its video-over-IP distribution solutions are now supported by Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect smart AV control system. Designed for applications of any size, this integration aims to simplify control setup for integrators while providing users with operation of a Just Add Power system and associated displays and sources via a touch-screen […]

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Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect Adds Support for 13 New Products

April 19, 2021

Aveo Systems’ latest release to its Mira Connect smart AV control system has added support for 13 new products/product families. New capabilities extend Mira Connect’s control to ClearOne’s Converge Pro 2 family of DSP audio products; AV-over-IP systems from Just Add Power, Blustream, and AVPro Edge; Samsung Pro TVs, and more. Support for network-based AV-over-IP […]

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Aveo Systems Updates Mira Connect Smart AV Control System

March 5, 2021

Aveo Systems updated its Mira Connect smart AV control system and added support for broadcast TV tuners, sound masking applications and extending Zoom Rooms capabilities. Cable, satellite and off-air TV tuners are now supported via Mira Connect and integrators can add the tuner, define channel favorites, upload channel icons and route the tuners to displays. […]

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Aveo Systems Updates Mira Connect — Now Includes More Zoom Room Meeting Management

January 7, 2021

Aveo Systems updated Mira Connect for management of Zoom Rooms meetings, including the ability to easily select from multiple wired video content sources. Mira Connect allows users to route wired video sources directly through a video switcher and control all sources using a single HDMI-to-USB interface on the Zoom Rooms device. To start content sharing […]

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Aveo Systems Adds Lighting and Automated Shade Control Capabilities

November 19, 2020

Aveo Systems has added the capability to control lighting and automated shades along with AV equipment in a room. With the addition of support for Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS and RadioRA2 lighting systems, users may now manage lighting zones and select preset scenes for lighting and blinds/shades. Mira Connect will recall scenes and provide zone […]

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Aveo Systems’ New Mira Connect Me Allows Users to Control AV Systems from Personal Devices

June 7, 2020

Aveo Systems has introduced Mira Connect Me — patent-pending technology for all Mira Connect systems — that allows users to control their audiovisual systems from their smartphones, tablets and computers. Users who want the flexibility of using their own devices or prefer not to touch a shared touch screen can now access a room’s Mira […]

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Aveo Systems Now Shipping Mira Connect 10

January 15, 2020

Aveo Systems has started shipping the Mira Connect 10, a touch-based control system aimed at UCC rooms. Mira Connect 10 offers the same extensive functionality as Aveo Systems’ original Mira Connect, adding new options for table-top, on-wall or in-wall installations. In collaboration rooms, the PoE-based Mira Connect 10 allows for one-touch calling from calendar invitations […]

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Aveo Systems Redesigns Mira Connect Panel

May 22, 2019

Aveo Systems has introduced Mira Connect 10, a 10″ touch display and integrated control system with wall and tabletop mounting options for the company’s Mira Connect family. Mira Connect 10 provides simple setup and easy use in collaboration rooms of all kinds, allowing one-button dialing from calendar invitations, display management, video switching, volume and mute […]

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Aveo Systems Annouces Zoom Rooms Support

March 11, 2019

Zoom Rooms make an off-the-shelf computer (PC or MAC) a video and audio-conferencing codec, replacing dedicated hardware-based video codecs. Mira Connect controls the Zoom Rooms codec and manages all the other equipment in the room including cameras, microphones, displays, video switchers, DSP audio products and more. Using Aveo Systems’ Mira Portal cloud-based platform, Mira Connect […]

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Aveo Systems Expands Control Capabilities with Global Caché

May 10, 2018

Aveo Systems has expanded its range of device interface capabilities through an authorized reseller arrangement with Global Caché, the leading independent manufacturer of IP, Wi-Fi and HTTP enabling connectivity products for control and automation. Mira Connect, Aveo Systems’ collaboration control appliance, uses the Global Caché iTach IP2SL interface for seamless connection to video codecs, displays, video switchers and other equipment that requires RS232 […]

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Aveo Systems Adds Office 365 Calendar Integration to Mira Connect Control System

February 20, 2018

Aveo Systems has announced the addition of Microsoft’s Office 365 Calendar support to its continually-expanding list of features supported by the Mira Connect smart control appliance and its cloud management platform, Mira Portal. Audio and video meetings scheduled via Office 365, including meetings scheduled for popular video and web conferencing services such as Zoom and BlueJeans, can now be […]

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Aveo Systems Launches Mira Connect for Room Management and Control

June 6, 2017

Aveo Systems has released a tabletop control appliance, Mira Connect, and a cloud management platform, Mira Portal. Mira Connect’s touch screen interface is designed as a UC (unified collaboration) interface for in-room VC and control including features like dialing calls, adjust audio settings, manage projectors and displays and control the room, without the cost and complexity of custom […]

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