Aveo Systems Annouces Zoom Rooms Support

Zoom Rooms make an off-the-shelf computer (PC or MAC) a video and audio-conferencing codec, replacing dedicated hardware-based video codecs. Mira Connect controls the Zoom Rooms codec and manages all the other equipment in the room including cameras, microphones, displays, video switchers, DSP audio products and more.

Using Aveo Systems’ Mira Portal cloud-based platform, Mira Connect can be set up in minutes by simply selecting the equipment and enabling the desired features. The customised user interface is automatically generated for each Mira Connect in the facility. Even when different products are used in each room, Mira Connect provides a similar use experience from room to room. Users can easily launch calls, manage camera sources and content sharing, control volume and seamlessly manage other products in the room, all through Mira Connect.

Mira Connect extends the familiar Zoom Rooms interface, enabling easy use and immediate productivity for users. Additional device controls appear on Mira Connect with intuitive icons simplifying the user experience. Mira Connects panel appearance may be customised with user logos, images and branding. IT and equipment support are available remotely through secure remote access to Mira Portal, enabling rapid assistance and remote management.

Here are the details.