SnapAV and Clare Partner

SnapAV has teamed up with Clare, the provider of security and smart-home automation products. The alliance makes SnapAV the exclusive source for Clare products and pushes them closer to competing with Crestron. Clare end-users can add security system monitoring that gives dealers the opportunity to earn recurring revenue.

“Partnering with SnapAV adds immense value for our dealers,” said Brett Price, CEO and founder of Clare. “We now offer even more flexibility and convenience on top of the scalable smart-home solutions our installers have come to expect.”

The synergistic effects of the partnership include increased service and support for dealer’s connected devices, fast shipping to anywhere in the country thanks to SnapAV’s network of distribution centers, and remote management integration with OvrC on popular Clare products.

“Installers love the ability to add third-party IoT devices on Clare products post-install,” said Clint Choate, SnapAV’s security market director. “Integration with OvrC Pro and other security partners like Honeywell, DSC, Elk, and Alula is a major advantage for our dealers.”

Beyond the short-term gains for installers, SnapAV and Clare have big plans for the future.

Concluded Choate, “Together with Clare, we have plans to develop new products that will help our dealers serve the demand for connected home devices in the years to come. This alliance gives us a unique opportunity to empower our dealers and participate in the rapidly expanding security market.”

More details on the partnership are here.