AV Stumpfl Will Showcase AnyShape Technology, PIXERA Software and More at ISE 2024

pixera anyshape

AnyShape technology makes it possible to order custom-built projection screens with a great variety of different frame shapes. The ability to build frame shapes that are not rectangular e.g. circles, rounded edges or semi-circles, can revolutionize the way in which designers creatively use projection surfaces.

AV Stumpfl’s screens sales director, Jan Walter, explains the importance of AnyShape technology: “Projection screens can be so much more than just passive rectangular surfaces, they can be a vital part of immersive storytelling experiences. If you can visualize it, there is a good chance that our team can build it. AnyShape is a major development that allows for more creative freedom in the world of professional projections.“

Here is a video we shot of this product at ISE 2024:

AV Stumpfl‘s screens team will also introduce their new 21:9 products in the form of the latest MonoBlox mobile projection screen system.

Blackpeak Bild 1737 (1)

The black projection screen surface material BLACKPEAK will also be shown at ISE, which offers phenomenal black levels and an excellent contrast ratio, even in settings with ambient light. Unlike white projection screen surfaces, AV Stumpfl’s highly innovative surface is also very inconspicuous when no content is being projected, making it an excellent choice for fixed installations.

Here is a video we shot of this product at ISE 2024:

Media server specialists will be delighted that AV Stumpfl’s PIXERA team will present many new PIXERA software and hardware developments at ISE.


One of the most important aspects of AV Stumpfl’s PIXERA version 2.0 is its multi-user workflow capability, which allows media server operators to be much more flexible and efficient when working on complex installations or show environments.

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Users now have granular control over how they collaborate on PIXERA projects. They can opt to share only a single portion, such as a projection warp or editing a compositing timeline, or they can open up the entire project to the other users connected to the system.

Here is a video we shot of this product at ISE 2024:

Another important new PIXERA feature is “Content Remapping”. Projection mapping challenges that are best handled at the actual content level can be easily mastered with this new feature.

New N+1 backup options and dry client programming capabilities are additional PIXERA 2.0 software features that will be presented at ISE.

PIXERA executive director Harry Gladow underlines the strategic importance of version 2.0: “Throughout the development of version 2.0 we received a great amount of important feedback from highly experienced AV professionals, which we took to heart. The result represents nothing less than the next chapter for PIXERA. ISE is the perfect place to showcase the extreme versatility of our growing platform.”

Another exciting new development is the powerful GEN 2 hardware for PIXERA one and PIXERA two servers which will be shown at ISE for the first time, including the PIXERA two RS. This powerful and pre-configured version of the highly successful PIXERA two hardware system is perfect for cross-rental scenarios.

The PIXERA team will also share their latest developments related to the new SMPTE 2110 standard.

AV Stumpfl® GmbH will exhibit at the ISE exhibition in Barcelona from 30.01 – 02.02, at booth #3A500, FIRA Barcelona, Spain.