Rainer Brandstätter Returns to AV Stumpfl

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AV Stumpfl is delighted to announce that experienced pro-AV professional Rainer Brandstätter has rejoined the company in the newly created role of product partnership manager.

Brandstätter studied media technology at St Pölten University of Applied Sciences and originally joined AV Stumpfl in 2015 as a support technician. He was later promoted to project manager and trainer, where he was responsible, together with Florian Eder, for training on AV Stumpfl’s PIXERA media server platform on a global basis.

After transitioning into an IT consultant role during the Covid-19 crisis, he returned to AV Stumpfl in September. In his new position, which he describes as a hybrid role that sits between the sales and technical teams, he is responsible for PIXERA’s technology partners and third-party integrations – a role which takes on particular importance given the open-API nature of PIXERA 2.0, which launched to a European audience at ISE 2024.

Brandstätter describes returning to AV Stumpfl as like coming home after a period out of pro AV. “What’s really special about AV is that once you work with customers for a long time they become your friends, so it feels completely different to other industries,” he explains. “Challenges are always solved in a collegial and proactive manner. This work attitude, coupled with the outstanding products that are created here, was a key factor in my decision to return to AV Stumpfl.”

In his new role, Brandstätter says, he works with both the sales and technical teams to offer the best possible service to AV Stumpfl’s PIXERA customers and partners. “The sales guys are happy to have someone with more technical knowledge, and the tech team is happy I can push a more technical agenda on the sales side,” he continues, “so it works really well for everyone.”

After nearly two years away from the company, Brandstätter adds that he is impressed with what his colleagues old and new have managed to accomplish in his absence: “It’s incredible how much progress has been made in the last two years. The team has grown considerably, workflows have been optimized and the software has been improved. I am also delighted with our new offices in the USA and the UK. Last but not least, it’s great to see how satisfied customers are with our product.”

The latest version of AV Stumpfl’s real-time video compositing software, PIXERA 2.0 introduces a number of new capabilities designed to improve the customer experience and respond to new industry trends, offering a comprehensive range of features for everything from small creations to large, demanding show control applications.

One of the most important new features is its multi-user workflow capability, which allows media server operators to be much more flexible and efficient when working on complex installations or live event environments. Users can opt to share only a single portion – such as a projection warp or editing a compositing timeline – or open up the entire project to the other users connected to the system.

Other new features include ‘Content Remapping’, which allows for easy mastery of projection mapping projects at the content level, and additional back-up options and dry client programming capabilities.

In other words, PIXERA 2.0 offers “everything you could ever wish for,” comments Brandstätter. “With multi-user back-up, Content Remapping, the Unreal integration… it really makes for a complete package where you won’t want for anything.”

Harry Gladow, AV Stumpfl’s executive director for PIXERA, welcomes Brandstätter back to the team: “Having Rainer back on board is an asset for us on a professional and personal level – I look forward to implementing many more projects with him.”