Mark Coxon

Mark Coxon is an AV industry native and blogger for the rAVe BlogSquad. You can reach him directly at

Radisson Still Owes Me a Pair of Pants (and other insights into customer experience)


Every year as Milestone employees, we fly back to the mothership in Eden Prairie, MN for an annual sales and product update meeting.  The kicker? This always takes place in Decem-brrrr or January.  Given this fact, the meeting is affectionately called Freezing at the Lakes. This year in January we made the pilgrimage and stayed […]

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The True4Konundrum


There are two pieces on rAVe Publications currently about Extron and their new “True4K” initiative.  One is a blog by Gary Kayye that recaps why Extron has launched the initiative.  The other is a Rants and Raves podcast where Gary talks to Casey Hall, VP of Sales and Marketing at Extron, about True4K and its […]

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Back to the Future 2015


Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future is one of the most iconic trilogies ever made.  It is to comedy what Lord of the Rings is to fantasy, The Godfather is to drama, Star Wars is to SciFi and what the 50 Shades movies are sure to be to women everywhere.  And just as Star Wars spawned a complete Wookieepedia, Back to the […]

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Why the App is Already Dead


Christmas came to the Coxon home and with it came some new presents.  There were Razors and skateboards, dolls and horses, science kits and crafts.  Amidst all of the items there was also Disney Infinity 2.0 and a Lego Technic set, both of which came with some cards and bonus codes for their respective apps. I […]

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5 Tips for AV Blogging


As we wind down 2014 and get geared up for the year ahead, it is a time for reflection and resolutions.  For many integrators and manufacturers alike, that may mean thinking of ways to help promote and grow our businesses.  One way that many businesses are generating buzz is through blogging. Some companies have hesitated […]

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Celebrating 100: A Look Back


Let me start by saying that English was never one of my favorite subjects.  As a kid I loved and was drawn to science, I excelled at math, and I dreaded English.  This is why I am surprised to be celebrating my 100th rAVe Publications blog within the first 19 months here. It seems amazing that someone who […]

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