Mark Coxon

Mark Coxon is an AV industry native and blogger for the rAVe BlogSquad. You can reach him directly at

Open Source Culture


Sometimes the genesis of a blog is a funny thing. I listened to a TedX talk about a month ago on open source culture, and immediately had the inspiration to write this piece but just hadn’t found the time yet. Then last week, Alan Vezina of Jydo, a company I’ve heard of but still need […]

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Of Book Worms and Booth Babes


My wife is a beautiful and extremely intelligent woman.  She currently does promotional marketing work, as it pays well and is typically done on the weekends, which allows one of us to always be with our kids. She has worked everything from auto shows to BlizzCon and ComicCon to technology trade shows.  The roles have […]

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Here Comes 16K!!!


Rumors are swirling!  Sharp is getting ready to ship 8K displays only 4 years ahead of any real content and others seem to be hot on their heels. With the rapid proliferation of 4K and the current, unwieldy amount of content, infrastructure, and bandwidth currently available to distribute it, it is only natural that we’re […]

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The Quality Undercurrent-InfoComm’s Digital Underground


The reviews of InfoComm 2015 have been varied.  As a manufacturer, the show was great for us as we accomplished our product education and relationship building goals. For others, some said they didn’t see the WOW factor, others were WOWed, and others still saw great products but felt “facted to death” because no real storytelling was built […]

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Radisson Still Owes Me a Pair of Pants (and other insights into customer experience)


Every year as Milestone employees, we fly back to the mothership in Eden Prairie, MN for an annual sales and product update meeting.  The kicker? This always takes place in Decem-brrrr or January.  Given this fact, the meeting is affectionately called Freezing at the Lakes. This year in January we made the pilgrimage and stayed […]

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The True4Konundrum


There are two pieces on rAVe Publications currently about Extron and their new “True4K” initiative.  One is a blog by Gary Kayye that recaps why Extron has launched the initiative.  The other is a Rants and Raves podcast where Gary talks to Casey Hall, VP of Sales and Marketing at Extron, about True4K and its […]

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