New Huddle Room Collaboration Product to be Launched at InfoComm 2018

LAS VEGAS and RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CALIF., APRIL 23, 2018— Huddle Rooms and Collaboration are some of the hottest buzzwords in AV, and AVPhenom will be introducing a new Collaboration Product at Infocomm 2018.

Over the last few years, huddle room and collaboration products like wireless screen sharing technologies have been some of the hottest new products at InfoComm.

Even large IT companies like Microsoft, Google, and Cisco have created AV-centric collaboration products for huddle rooms based on this trend.

It is hard to imagine that a new product could completely change the face of collaboration technology, but AVPhenom claims his new product will.

“I have been observing the collaboration space for quite some time”, says Phenom, “and based on what I have learned, I have created a new Collaboration system especially for Huddle Rooms.”

He calls the product the ShareChair TM.

“The term ‘Huddle Room’ means many things to many different people.  It could be a dedicated room with a screen and multiple chairs or it could be an open office space used to gather for ad hoc meetings.  Given that, I designed a product that works in every scenario, regardless of what form the customer’s huddle rooms take”, states Phenom.

In Phenom’s design, every participant in the meeting would utilize their own personal ShareChair TM to collaborate seamlessly.

“ShareChair TM can be used in several modes to enable collaboration in huddle spaces from 3 to 8 people”, claims Phenom.

The system has 3 modes of operation: Arc, Over the Shoulder, and Stadium.

To enable each mode, meeting participants simply move their chairs into preset positions, marked by colored “X”s on the floor, allowing them to instantly see what is on the presenter’s screen for immediate collaboration.  Participants in the Stadium mode positions simply press a button on ShareChair TM to enable 18” of telescoping height to provide proper viewing angles.

ShareChair TM supports Huddle Room configurations of up to 8 participants.

“ShareChair TM is the easiest and most intuitive huddle room, collaboration product on the market today”, says Phenom.  “It also works with all desktops, laptops, and tablets, as well as BYOD devices, regardless of operating system.”

ShareChair TM also supports the connection of multiple Huddle Rooms for remote collaboration giving each room a view of the assembled participants through presentation device’s integrated camera and microphone.  No additional hardware is needed and the system is agnostic to all soft codecs including Skype for Business, WebEx, and Zoom.

If you’re not sold already, ShareChair TM’s value doesn’t stop there.  The ShareChair TM system also provides scheduling and real-time feedback on utilization.

Scheduling meeting space has always been a challenge and data is one of the most valuable assets that technology companies today can provide.  ShareChair TM utilizes pressure sensors in each chair to both solve scheduling issues in each space as well as provide data on historic utilization for ROI and future technology planning.

Each ShareChair TM can be reserved in advance for scheduled meeting space.  ShareChair TM creates biometric profiles of each employee based on the pressure imprint of their buttocks in the chair. If someone tries to sit in a chair that is reserved for someone else, small electrodes in the seat give the squatter a slight, repeated electric jolt until they relinquish the device.

The same sensors provide real-time feedback to the ShareChair TM Dashboard, allowing employees to see which chairs are currently occupied and which ones are available for ad-hoc meetings.

“The data from these sensors is cataloged over time, allowing technology managers to efficiently manage resources and plan future upgrades.  I like to call this backend method of biometric profiling and tracking of each person sitting in a seat ‘ShareChair TM analYTICS'”, says Phenom.

A sample of the biometric data collected by ShareChair TM’s backend analYTICS system

ShareChair TM will debut at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas in the back of a moving van situated near an open loading dock at the convention center.

For anyone who doubts the game-changing nature of Phenom’s new product, he issues this challenge:

“If you don’t believe ShareChair TM is the biggest thing to happen to the Huddle Room Collaboration space in years, come sit in one and put your bottom where my mouth is… no wait… that’s not what I meant!”