Mark Coxon

Mark Coxon is an AV industry native and blogger for the rAVe BlogSquad. You can reach him directly at

The (Hidden) Opportunity


It seems like we have been discussing the changing landscape of AV for years. We have all seen the shift toward consolidated components, hardware that is easier to connect and configure, direct sales and marketing by some manufacturers to end users or other trades like electricians, and shrinking margins on the golden calf that used […]

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Redefining an Industry


I may be late to the party on this topic but I wanted to give my thoughts on a discussion started by CEDIA’s Vin Bruno when he stated that perhaps it was time we stopped calling ourselves “integrators” and started calling ourselves “technologists.” There have been several takes on this to date. Some like the […]

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The Good Friends Network


If you’ve been in AV for more than a short time, you’ve most likely heard people in the industry talk about the Good Ol’ Boys network.  It doesn’t carry a very kind connotation and has been used to describe activities in the industry that range from sexism to favoritism to nepotism.  I think there has […]

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Repackaging InfoComm


Well another InfoComm has come and gone, and another Las Vegas record was set this year with over 38,000 attendees at the 2016 show. By attendance alone, you’d have to agree that the show is as healthy as ever. The InfoComm show is an amazing place to connect with industry peers, showcase new products to […]

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Predator-Prey and Why Immersive Works


If you look at the world of AV today, one thing is clear.  People are going big.  Whether it’s direct view LED, a large video wall, new Sony LED modules, Prysm walls, Christie Microtiles, or good old fashioned large format projection, bigger is better if you want to get someone’s attention. Look around the audio […]

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The Entry Exit Problem


Last month I wrote the Star Wars Guide to Recruiting New Talent, in which I gave a nod to NSCA’s new IGNITE initiative and their efforts to drive interest in the AV industry with technology minded young people.  It’s an important initiative, as industries that grow “gray” typically face huge challenges. Look at the gaming […]

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Why the Apple Security Request is Scary (and it’s not why you may think it is)


If you haven’t heard yet, Apple has issued a public response to the US Governments request for software that would allow them to circumvent encryption on an iPhone. The long and short is that after the San Bernadino attack was found to have ISIS ties, the FBI found themselves in possession of the attacker’s iPhone. […]

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The One Projector Shootout


Let me start this blog by saying that there is never a better way to demonstrate the differences in multiple projectors to a client than to set up each projector in the venue at hand with the correlating screen and actually do a multiple projector shootout.  It’s the only way to see how the projectors […]

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Be a Better Customer


I will admit straight off that this post is somewhat of a rant, but I am tired of bad customers. The customer, despite claims to the contrary, is not always right. My wife does a lot of marketing work for everything from Comic Con to auto shows to demonstrating espresso machines. She is amazing at […]

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