Atlas Sound Adds Two New Power Conditioners

atlassound-AP-S15RTHR-0614Atlas Sound has released two new power conditioners that expand its Atlas Power product category. The AP-S15HR and AP-S15RTHR are half width rack 15-amp power conditioners designed to protect critical rack mounted components from electrical surges and spikes.

The AP-S15HR is a half width rack power conditioner that features six total outlets, four-rear panel switched outlets, one-rear panel un-switched outlet, and one-front panel un-switched outlet. The unit includes circuit breaker protection at 15-amps, with a front panel mounted circuit breaker reset, radio frequency interference filtering, an Earth ground fault indicator. A removable IEC power cord allows the cord to be switched for a smaller or longer size based on need.

The AP-S15RTHR includes all of the features found in the AP-S15HR with additional benefits. The major difference is the Remote Activation circuitry. This Phoenix style connection enables the four-switched units to be remotely activated using a push button or key switch wall plate. Additionally, the AP-S15RTHR includes electromagnetic interference filtering and a 24VDC 2000mA DC output that could be used to power Atlas Time Saving Devices. Units can be mounted in a full width rack using a rack mount adapter available from Atlas Sound.

Here are all the specs.