Panamax and Furman Announce New Power Distribution Solutions

Panamax and Furman have announced a plethora of new power distribution solutions, including new remote controllable outlets, IP controllable power products, a voltage regulator and small install accessories.

Panamax Vertex 12 and 16 Outlet Power Distribution Units: Two new Panamax vertical power distribution units — the VT-EXT12 and VT-EXT16 — add flexible protected power to the system rack. The 12 and 16 outlet configurations mount vertically at the back of the rack, placing power where it’s needed and reducing cable lengths. The slim design of each unit allows for easy work-flow, while clip mounts make for a quick installation. The spacing allows for large transformers, such as wall warts. The 12-inch heavy duty extension cable — the 15-EXT1 — is ideal for extra-large transformer and wall warts.

While all Panamax Vertex models can be used as stand-alone power distribution units, when plugged into Panamax and Furman power conditioners, they share all the AC line protection and AC line filtering from the power conditioner to distribute protection and performance to extra outlets in the rack.

Panamax IEC Cable Accessories: For simple cabling, four new Panamax IEC Cables Accessories provide power to monitors, TVs, sound systems, and appliances that have the IEC-60320-C14 inlet. The 10-foot 15-IEC10, 6-foot 15-IEC6, 3-foot 15-IEC3 and 1-foot 15-IEC1 are ideal for connected equipment requiring power up to 15 amps.

Furman SS-6B-PRO Power Distribution Unit: Featuring Furman Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS), the new Furman SS-6B-PRO is a six-outlet power block that adds Furman Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) to the legendary performance and flexibility on the Furman SS-6B. The new unit also delivers EMI/RFI filtration, heavy duty steel construction and a 15-foot power cord.

The specs can be found here: Panamax and Furman.