Arthur Holm’s Integrate Plans

Arthur Holm will be exhibiting at Integrate located at booths G2 and L14 partnering with Audio Visual Distributors Pty and will show the latest AV solutions to create the most advanced and convenient boardrooms.

The company’s successful DynamicShare system is a smart solution that allows meeting room participants to share different video sources among each other with an optimal image quality and no need of technical knowledge nor specialized assistance.

DynamicShare is a software free and wireless system that provides quick and seamless connectivity with a high level of security. The meeting or conference table can stand alone without the inconvenience of either messy cabling and with no need of integrating external devices.

At Integrate, visitors will discover Arthur Holm’s share system integrated in the elegant DynamicX2Talk retractable monitors. DynamicX2Talk are built in aluminum and have a vertical motorized movement with an automatic 20º tilt to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle. These monitors have slightly curved edges for a sober modern look. They also integrate an independent lift system for gooseneck type microphones, featuring a LED light ring that changes its color to indicate the readiness of the speaker to talk. DynamicX2Talk offer different finish options and they can also integrate a Full HD video camera, becoming a complete audio and video conference station.

On site, Arthur Holm will show the Dynamic1H monitor, featuring a horizontal motorized movement. With a stylish and timeless design in aluminum, Dynamic1H monitors offer an adjustable viewing angle up to 70º that can be memorized, integrate a safety system to stop the movement in case of obstruction and are remotely controllable and diagnosable through ERT interfaces in an easy and cost effective way.

Manual monitors will also be present at the show. AH2 monitors are manually foldable and can be opened up to a 110º viewing angle. When they are folded the screen is facing down and they include an automated power-off function. These compact and elegant monitors can be easily installed on standard furniture and can be personalized with options like touch screen, microphone or camera.

Finally, their unique systems for microphones will also be exhibited. DynamicTalk is a universal motorized lift system for gooseneck microphones. It makes the microphone disappear within the table and also integrates a LED light to indicate the status of the speaker and his availability to talk. DynamicTalk can be veneered with different materials to match the table finish and it is available in customized versions for all types and sizes of conference microphones.

Arthur Holm is here.