Arthur Holm Intros Gooseneck Mic Lift

arthurholm-gooseneck-0713Arthur Holm’s new DynamicTalk is designed specifically as a motorized lift system for gooseneck microphones. In addition to allowing the mic to be protected and stored below a podium or desk surface, the DynamicTalk includes a mute a and talk button. Available in three different sizes, the product integrates a Dynamic LED ring to indicate the microphone status through different colors. It can be controlled via RS422 with loop through and addressing and through GPI.

The DynamicTalk has two different working modes — PA and conference. When in PA mode, a push button placed on the cover plate allows for activating or de-activating the microphone. The light ring will indicate the status by changing color from green to red. The system will silence the microphone when this is in retracted position. When in conference mode, the microphone will always be active and both the light ring and the access to the push button on the cover plate will be available through a connector (GPI/GPO). In this mode, the system is ready to be connected and controlled through a conference system.

Here are all the specs.