Are you Spec’ing LEDs? If You Are, Then You Should Attend Daktronics’ Innovate Series of Events


daktronics innovate

Have you ever been to an NFL stadium or a Major League Baseball park, seen an NHL game live on the ice, or sat in an NBA arena to watch a game? If you have, you’ve seen Daktronics. In fact, more than half of all of those sites in and around North America have Daktronics LEDs driving live stats, replays and fan engagement. In fact, more than 60% of all the LEDs inside NFL stadiums and 73% of the MLB parks use Daktronics.

But, when it comes to specifying LEDs in ProAV, we’ll bet many of you aren’t even thinking about Daktronics. But you should be. And after attending the two-week Innovate Series of Daktronics-led webinars, you will see why!

Few would argue that the future of most displays involves LED — and some would emphatically say direct-view LED (dvLED) is the future of imaging, everywhere. And, did you know that the same company (Daktronics) that’s driving fan experiences through LED in more sporting venues than any other LED company in the USA also has LEDs for boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, signage, cafeterias and a host of other corporate applications, too?

“Daktronics is looking to empower AV integrators with the knowledge and tools to confidently add direct-view LED to their arsenal of signage offerings. With the Innovate Series, our goal is to strengthen our AV partner channel through educational sessions on today’s digital technology and a look at what’s on the horizon,” said Jim Vasgaard, channel partner sales manager at Daktronics.

What is the Innovate Series? Well, it’s a two-week program (Oct. 13-22) with six free virtual sessions covering Daktronics’ partner programs (that includes a look at all their new indoor products, details emerging LED trends and helps identify which LED technology fits best in different applications.

Each day includes a different theme and look into LED’s future:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 13: “Partnering with Daktronics”: Learn what it takes to be an AV channel partner and the advantages Daktronics offers to AV integrators.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 14: “Indoor Product Portfolio Overview”: An in-depth look at the entire indoor LED portfolio, including its newest lineup.
  • Thursday, Oct. 15: “Discovering the right fit for Direct-View LED (dv-LED)”: With all the different display technologies available now, how do you decide when dv-LED is the right fit for a project? This session, we’ll dive into the differences and talk through when LED video products are a good fit for the application. And, how and when to sell and spec them.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20: “Designing Corporate Spaces with LED Technology”: LED isn’t just relegated to giant signage and outdoor billboards anymore. LED is finding its way onto corporate campuses, including applications in meeting rooms, lobbies, signage, warehouses, dining facilities and many more places. Come see where you could be spec’ing LED.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: “Seeing the Big Picture with Military LED Video Walls”: Military bases are embracing LED more and more as the go-to option for a variety of locations across the facility. Daktronics will take you on a journey to understand the special buying considerations for Military applications.
  • Thursday, Oct. 22: “Technology Trends to Watch”: This webinar will focus on future-trends including chip-on-board, flip-chips and Micro LED.

So, if you’ve been wanting to understand how to transition customers to LED, this is your chance to learn from the largest U.S.-based manufacturer. You can register for the Innovate Series here.