Amazon’s New B2B Service Includes ProAV

At least five MAJOR ProAV manufacturers have relented to Amazon’s push into the ProAV market. In case you haven’t heard, Amazon quietly launched a business-to-business initiative earlier this year called — appropriately — Amazon Business. Its charter is to become a multi-billion-dollar supplier of anything a business needs to operate. And, Viewsonic was one of the first projector manufacturers to jump at the opportunity — offering Amazon Business customers a $300 SVGA box as well as its $500 3500 ANSI lumen 1080p and $700 show throw WXGA units.

I guess they figured that the ProAV channel doesn’t want to sell them, so why not let Amazon?

But, a week or so ago, ViewSonic’s $1,700 5200-lumen projector appeared there too. Hmm.

So, what now?

Differentiate. Services.

The Internet changes our business models forever. Amazon will do it again. Amazon is more powerful than the Internet. yes, I said that.

Amazon is, well, Amazon.

But, they don’t do services well. We do. Look, the industry is moving towards giving products away — we all know that. But, the integration is what we are all about. Think about it, when something goes wrong with your Internet, even though we all hate calling the cable company, at least we know who’s responsible. When you integrate the stuff, as you well know, you are doing more than build a system. You’re building a relationship. You’re becoming that single-point-of-contact. You’re the simplifier.

So, don’t panic. But, that said, I sure as hell wouldn’t support brands that are flooding Amazon with products!

Shame on you Viewsonic.