Almo ProAV to Be the Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Ecler Audio Products

Almo Professional A/V will now be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Ecler Audio Products. Almo partners now have access to the complete line of Ecler speakers, audio players, matrixes, amplifiers and audio accessories.
The Ecler line of audio products rolls up into Almo’s Sound Options dedicated audio sourcing and technical engineering group. Ecler is exhibiting in the Sound Options booth during Almo’s E4 education, networking and product showcase, which stops in Chicago in March and Los Angeles in April.
“Ecler is a respected global audio company entering the U.S. market for the first time in its 53-year history,” explained Rob Ziv, director of business development for Almo Professional A/V. “The combination of Ecler and Almo together creates a unique opportunity for Pro AV integrators to access the audio quality, product mix, support, price points, and business model needed to compete for projects across multiple vertical markets.”
“Almo is the only distributor with the capacity and expertise necessary to bring this revered brand to the U.S. market,” Ziv added. “Since Almo is the exclusive source for Ecler in North America, integrators can recommend the audio brand with confidence knowing their install base includes global roll-outs for end-users such as Cartier, Bulgari and Burberry, along with countless corporate spaces, houses of worship, sporting venues, hotels, bars, and restaurants.” 
Ramón Macías, sales area manager for Ecler Audio Products, expects that the accessibility of Ecler products through Almo Pro A/V will bring the U.S. Pro AV community new options for their projects. “We are proud of our European origin and our tradition of investing a significant portion of our earnings into R&D so we can offer an extensive, sustainable product line for full audio installations.”
As part of the distribution agreement, all Ecler speakers, audio players, matrixes, amplifiers and accessories are available through Almo Pro A/V, including the following:

  • TRAIL Loudspeakers. A three-inch lamp style loudspeaker cabinet, featuring an installation system that is compatible with ceiling light rails, surface mounts, truss mounts and more. The one-of-a-kind design integrates perfectly into retail and other environments.
  • High Impedance Amplifiers. Compact amplifiers with RS232 control and different power outputs, including low and high impedance eMOTUS loudspeakers. They are passive (IP65 outdoor) or active speakers that include a Bluetooth connection and stylish design.
  •  MIMO1212SG Matrixes: A 12 input/12 output digital audio matrix that is fully programmable through EclerNet Manager software, with real signal routing from any input to any output.
  • eMIMO1616 Matrixes: A digital audio matrix with 16 input/16 output analog channels. Includes the option of eight remote ports to connect to monitoring wall panels and send audio to all zones. Includes a web server and a standard web navigator without the need to install additional software. Also allows control through a smartphone or tablet at no extra cost using the Ecler Pilot Application.
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