Webinar | HOW TO Esports – Part 1

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Esports is giant — did you know that? I realize most of us look at gaming as something that teenagers do in their basements instead of studying but, did you know that universities like Ohio State, Florida, the University of Missouri, Penn, Miami and Boise State University all have esports teams that are considered varsity teams — not club teams? In fact, it’s at over 130 universities in the U.S. already. Some of those schools are already building or have plans to build esports arenas. Did you also know that it’s a $3 Billion AV industry already?

Yes, it’s that big.

Esports represents the best of live events as well as AV integration, all in one. But, it’s NOT like integrating an LED strip in a stadium, a scoreboard in an arena or an auditorium on a school campus. Most esports AV systems are now being specified as AV-over-IP and latency is absolutely intolerable. The sources aren’t just one or two, it’s entire teams — oh, two (or more!) of them, too.

One esports webinar isn’t enough to cover this industry but you gotta start somewhere. So, join us for an “INTRO” to esports, sponsored by Panasonic. Gary Kayye from rAVe will explain the esports market, how it works, how you can leverage your AV talents to enter it and what you don’t know you don’t know.

View the recording here.