Webinar | Kayye’s Krystal Ball 2021

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rAVe NoDatekrystalball

2021 is NOT going to be like 2020. Or is it?  For the past 20 years, Gary Kayye, founder of THE rAVe Agency and rAVePubs.com, has written the industry’s go-to piece for predicting how the upcoming year will evolve. Every year, Gary asks: which technologies will thrive, and which will barely survive? Which new products will be home runs, and which will strike out at the plate? Gary has made some bold predictions that have turned out to be true, with a success rate of over 90% in the past two decades. But 2020 proved, well, unique. So to up the ante, this year’s webinar will start with a review of Kayye’s Krystal Ball 2020 — how wrong was he?  For the last three years, Almo Pro A/V has had the exclusive scoop on Kayye’s Krystal Ball. Before the article is even published on his own website, Gary delivers it as an exclusive webinar for Almo partners. Of course, you can always wait until after the webinar is over to just read it yourself. But why not join the webinar and see him deliver it LIVE.

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