Almo Pro A/V Announces March AV Snacks Webinars

avsnacks-0213Almo Professional A/V has announced its weekly interactive mini-webinar series “AV Snacks” for March, which will focus on higher education. AV Snacks are designed to provide relevant industry trends, application examples and more to busy AV professionals, presented in a 15-minute webinar format every Friday at 2:00 p.m. E.S.T.

The sessions offer a “taste” of a particular topic each week in a format that is lively and engaging, with a five-question quiz that attendees can take to earn specific prizes.

Here are the upcoming webinars:

3/8 — Canon Projectors: “Image Quality as the Main Ingredient”

Putting together a projection system is all about the picture, both in size and quality. There are several different variables, the least of which is the projector itself. With the focus on cheap lumens in many of today’s projector lines, has image quality been taken off the table? Canon’s focus on lens construction, light path engineering, and superior LCoS technology provides the best image you can get on screen. Join us to learn how Canon projectors make a difference in education environments.

Prize: iTunes Gift Card

3/15 — C2G: “Video Walls: Transition from Analog to Digital Video”  

Learn how digital video is eating up the higher education space. Utilizing C2G’s AOC technology, you’ll provide optimum performance every time. With many options to choose from, AOC technology has enticing features that will make you come back for seconds!

Prize: Starbucks Gift Card

3/22 — Hitachi: “A Wireless Four Course Meal”  

Have you heard of educators struggling to integrate books, video, internet all into one lecture? With Hitachi, effortlessly switch between your devices from one system that can be controlled from a single source (i.e. iPad). Better yet, with a contacted wireless document camera, you can also incorporate in-person supplements to the lecture. From beginning to end, Hitachi makes it easy to serve you a four course meal!

Prize: Gift Card

3/29  — Mitsubishi: “Serving Brilliant Color & Seamless Excellence”  

Provide quality and service with Mitsubishi’s 7000 and 8000 series projector models. Perfect for lecture centers and large rooms, the image quality is as sharp as a knife. Even simple text from a PC to a Blu-Ray DVD, the clarity is unmatched. See how we’ve transformed spaces that will be sure to leave your mouth watering for more!

Prize: Almo Drawstring Backpack

All of the AV Snacks sessions are recorded and archived for access after they run: