Alcons Audio Ships the LR18B Line-Array Bass

Alcons just started shipping the LR18B, a dedicated low-frequency extension to the LR18 compact mid-sized pro-ribbon line-array system. It can also be combined with any other Alcons pro-ribbon system, as subwoofer in both permanent and portable applications.

The front-loaded system delivers a super accurate bass and sub response with highest output under lowest distortion. The Max-Vent port design combines further increased output with low power compression.

The LR18B is designed to be used as single subwoofer or in multiples, as end-fire or cardioid array, together with LR18 or in separate sub-only arrays. All functionality is possible in stacked or flown configurations. The integrated stand mount adapter provides for easy top/sub combinations with any Alcons pro-ribbon system. And, their rigging system, rated for a high Working Load Limit with 10:1 safety ratio, enables front and rear array splaying and straight or pre-curved flown (cardioid) arrays, to be flown besides or behind an LR18 array.

Array configurations can be simulated through the LR18 GLL in the Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC), Alcons’ high-resolution 3D simulation program.

Here are all the specs.