Acoustic Geometry Launches New Curve Diffusor V2

acoustic-geometry-1015Acoustic Geometry just announced its new Curve Diffusor V2 as a part of the company’s line of natural-sounding, affordable acoustic products. Created by John Calder and Mark Stender of Acoustic Geometry, Version 2 of the Curve Diffusor features a more consistent-radius cylindrical design offering time-coherent diffusion from low-mid to very high frequencies, and a unique built-in low-frequency absorber. Bass absorption comes from the MLV limp-mass membrane on the back of the unit, coupled with a proprietary internal impedance system. This results in room-mode-controlling Acoustic Bass Management down to 45Hz, and it is only found on Acoustic Geometry’s Curve Diffusors.

The Curve’s bass absorption capability has been proven effective in lab tests by NWAA Labs, Inc. in Elma, Washington. NWAA Labs, Inc. is an independent laboratory providing sound and materials testing to the audio, acoustics and construction industries, and has the world’s two largest test chambers, enabling accurate absorption testing (without interpolation) down to 40Hz. NWAA’s Curve Diffusor low-frequency absorption test results can be found on Acoustic Geometry’s website.

Curve Diffusors may be placed in a variety of configurations, including vertically and horizontally on a wall, ceiling-mounted, corner-mounted (with the Corner Trap Stand) and free-standing in a room (with the Combo Stand) to achieve the best placements for greatly improving sound in any space.

The new Curve Diffusor V2 starts at $339.98 and is available in over 43 stock fabric colors, as well as many custom finish options like wood veneer and automotive paints. Acoustic Geometry products are available online and from GC Pro, Full Compass, Magnolia Design Centers, as well as others — to find a dealer near you, please visit our website. To learn more about Curve Diffusors and the lab test results, go here.