Rayva Releases New Acoustic Wall Panels for Home Theaters


Rayva announced Thursday the availability of the company’s new (and patent-pending) acoustic wall panels for home theaters. The unique collapsible panel design eliminates challenges and costs associated with traditional options. Rayva reduces the time, effort and expense of acoustic wall panels to a home theater by shipping the panel’s wooden frame deconstructed and the fabric […]

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Primacoustic Paintables Are Now Available in 48″ Square Acoustic Panels


Primacoustic has expanded its Paintables line of acoustic panels with the introduction of the new Broadway 48” x 48” Broadband absorptive wall panel. Primacoustic Paintables is a line of acoustic panels that gives architects and interior/room designers the ability to integrate matched color or printed graphics into the acoustic design spec for a room or […]

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ASI Architectural Unveils Strandtec Wood Fiber Ceiling and Wall Panels


ASI Architectural has introduced StrandTec Wood Fiber Ceiling and Wall Panels, which are designed to reduce echo and reverberation. These sustainable acoustical solutions can be retrofitted into an existing facility or incorporated as part of a new build. StrandTec panels are designed for a wide range of locations, including bars, restaurants, sports and entertainment venues, […]

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Primacoustic Ships Hercules Impact-Resistant Acoustic Panels


Primacoustic Hercules panels are absorption panels that are designed to withstand the abuse of environments such as gymnasiums, offices, classrooms, and other public occupancy spaces. While most acoustic panels are delicate and susceptible to damage, Hercules will help to reduce reverberation while looking like new after repeated impact. Hercules Impact-resistant panels are manufactured from the same high-density (6pcf/96kg/m3) glass wool core as Primacoustic Broadway, but the […]

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Acoustic Geometry Introduces Starfield Ceiling Tiles


Acoustic Geometry has announced the launch of StarField Ceiling Tiles, an acoustical ceiling panel with a realistic star-field effect for home theatres, media rooms, studios, retail spaces and commercial businesses. Providing a “starry night” look, along with acoustical functionality and simple installation, the new tiles improve both sonic and visual quality in nearly any environment. Designed as an […]

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Auralex Ships Updated SonoFiber Materials


Auralex Acoustics is now shipping newly updated versions of its popular SonoFiber material, a cost-effective treatment with great acoustical properties. SonoFiber is now available in both one-inch-thick panels and two-inch-thick rolls. Panels come in a package of fourteen 1″ x 24″ x 48″ units, and the rolls measure 2″ x 48” [4 feet] x 300″ […]

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Auralex Intros ProPanel Acoustical Absorption


Auralex Acoustics is offering a number of new solutions based around its ProPanel Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Absorption Panels, including ProPanel Cloud panels and all-in-one ProKits. ProPanel Cloud panels are designed to hang horizontally from a ceiling to help control and reduce sound reflections. ProKits are all-in-one, cost-effective acoustical treatment packages engineered to control excess mid- […]

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Acoustic Geometry Launches New Curve Diffusor V2


Acoustic Geometry just announced its new Curve Diffusor V2 as a part of the company’s line of natural-sounding, affordable acoustic products. Created by John Calder and Mark Stender of Acoustic Geometry, Version 2 of the Curve Diffusor features a more consistent-radius cylindrical design offering time-coherent diffusion from low-mid to very high frequencies, and a unique […]

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Primacoustic Paintables Clouds Now Shipping


Primacoustic as launched Paintables Clouds, a new series of acoustic panels you can paint on, and they are already shipping. The new Paintables clouds include the circular Cirrus, the hexagonal Hexus and the square Altos. Each panel is made from 1-1/2″ thick high density 6lb glass wool for exceptionally even absorption and feature resin hardened […]

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