Acoustic Geometry Introduces Starfield Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Geometry has announced the launch of StarField Ceiling Tiles, an acoustical ceiling panel with a realistic star-field effect for home theatres, media rooms, studios, retail spaces and commercial businesses. Providing a “starry night” look, along with acoustical functionality and simple installation, the new tiles improve both sonic and visual quality in nearly any environment.

Designed as an affordable alternative to the company’s fully-customized and professionally-installed StarField Ceiling Panels, the new tile format was created to allow anyone to install the beauty of the night sky in any room with a drop-in ceiling grid. Additionally, the tiles improve the quality of sound in the space by reducing reverberation and absorbing ambient noise. StarField Ceiling Tiles are available in small (2’x2′) and large (2’x4′) sizes for standard 15/16″ black ceiling grids.

Installations of custom sized and shaped panels are available upon request. In addition to the stock StarField Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Geometry offers several optional add-ons including a shooting star, and a moon or planet insert for an even more dramatic night sky look. All designs simulate “twinkling” dim, medium and bright stars for a natural “starry sky” appearance.

Here are the details.