Access Networks Launches Wi-Fi 6 Systems Via Ruckus Wireless Access Points

ruckus wireless access points access networks

Access Networks just launched new Wi-Fi 6 systems in the form of the Ruckus R550 and R850 wireless access points. Like the company’s previously announced A750 Wi-Fi 6 access point, the Ruckus-brand models elevate Wi-Fi performance from “gigabit” to “multi-gigabit” Wi-Fi.

Because networking requirements vary by the size of home, number of users and devices, and bandwidth demands, the availability of three Wi-Fi 6 certified access points by Access Networks allows integrators and consumers to choose a Wi-Fi 6 solution that best fits their home and lifestyle. Designed for large homes with high internet traffic is the most robust WAP in the line, the R850 wireless access point. The R550 supports homes and Wi-Fi demands of smaller scope, while the A750 caters to mid-range applications.

Both the R550 and R850 are available with an Access Networks wireless control hub for a complete, managed Wi-Fi solution, with Unleashed (no controller necessary) versions available very soon. Later this year, Access Networks will introduce two Access Networks-branded options.