Rants and rAVes — Episode 1005: Why Every AV Integrator Should Consider Attending NSCA’s P2Pv

rants and raves 1005

Gary was joined by NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson to talk about the upcoming P2P (Pivot to Profit) — or, this year, called P2Pv, as the event is virtual — September 22-23. This is THE leading business transformation event aimed at AV and IT, and the 2020 focus is helping low-voltage integrators recover from and reboot beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Using the rAVe LAVNCH Platform, P2Pv will be a two-day event that includes speakers who haven’t peppered every virtual AV event so far. This includes speaker, coach and author Mike StaverHarry Aller of Innovative Lighting; Dennis Burns, director, public safety at Advanced RF Technologies;  Kelly Harlin, analytics platform strategist at NEC Display; Bruce Kaufmann, president and CEO of Human Circuit; and dozens more. You can see the entire lineup here: https://www.nsca.org/p2p-2020-speakers/

And, please go register here: https://www.nsca.org/p2p-2020-registration/.