4 Video Processors to Check Out at InfoComm 2024

Imagine a digital canvas made up of various technologies ranging from transparent, flexible OLED to dvLED to projection-mapped architecture, integrated into an environment where the video is choreographed with the lighting, synced with spatial audio, and personalized to different users based on sensor-based automation or AI. These customized, experiential environments span several resolutions and aspect ratios, require blending and warping, real time frame sync and the ability to interface with things like touch frames, LIDAR, Azure cameras or even camera  tracking hardware.

IMage Credit: AV Stumpfl

Image Credit: AV Stumpfl

The nature of these environments make media servers and video processors more important than ever.

These environments often go beyond even the capabilities of high-end windowing processors like Christie Spyder and Barco E3.

Given all this, I thought I’d throw together a quick list of a few of the companies that make these systems that will be at InfoComm 2024 in Vegas this year. They’re all in the West Hall where most of the display brands are (which makes a ton of sense). Add them to Map Your Show on the InfoComm site or app.


Pixera is AV Stumpfl’s media server product, born of their experience in live events over the years with their projection screen brand. They’re first on my list because they are top of mind given I was in their new Santa Monica office this a.m.

Pixera makes some state of the art media servers and software that enable integrators to cutting edge experiences and support all sorts of environments including virtual production. Their team is small but extremely responsive and highly technical, making them an amazing partner.

To learn more about Pixera, stop by the AV Stumpfl booth, W2556 in the West Hall.


The first time I saw 7thSense in action was at Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, where their media server and processing was used to projection map a giant metal heart sculpture. I was instantly taken with the brand and their ability to take complex media and create compelling experiences that escape the boundaries of the traditional video rectangle. A few years back they added Medialon, a professional show control product, to their portfolio, making them a comprehensive media server, video processing and show control partner.

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Their team is great and their mission is to create joy in the world, and it is taken so seriously, that they hand pick their projects to assure they share similar values with their clientele.

Check out 7thSense at booth W645 in the West Hall.

Analog Way

I first used Analog Way in 2007 as an engine to blend two projectors together for showing large-scale real estate tours and Google earth maps. Fast forward 17 years and Analog Way has continued to build out its portfolio of warping and blending engines, video processing and media servers.

The French company has also been focusing on making their products easier to configure and integrate, adding control modules for many of the industry standard control companies.

Analog Way is on the floor in the West Hall at W1833.

Green Hippo

Green Hippo is the processing company with the funny name. They are the lesser known in commercial AV than their sister brands tvONE and Magenta Research, but their broadcast roots are deep and they were a regular at NAB Show well before InfoComm.

The Hippotizer product line includes media servers and video processors with various levels of power based on the application at hand. I love their UI and the ability to import a 3D model and then mock up content ahead of time to see how everything lays out.

Green Hippo will be in the West Hall with tvONE and Magenta Research at booth W1721.