4 Simple reasons to make your home smart

homeWho doesn’t wish to spend an entire day at home doing just nothing or long to get back home after a tiring day at work to just relax. But does relaxation come easy, of-course not, it comes with a price. That’s where automated homes come into picture. Now, if you are thinking home automation is expensive, so is a house. I have been automating homes for more than a decade now, and I have created custom automation experiences for not just bungalows but also studio apartments. Home automation may sound like a luxury but in today’s technology world I think it’s totally worth it. When we can invest so much in getting a house then why not shell out a little extra to get the best out of your home. Trust me I have seen the satisfaction of many clients. If you have the desire, then you only need the right information to take the next step.

From villas to apartments, a smart home is one where the user can interact with their home relating to security, lighting, HVAC and audio/video. For instance, basic scenarios like viewing the security cameras remotely, having your favorite movie play in the home theater at a set time or even waking up to your favorite music with mood settings(lighting/curtain adjustments) for the room. These features don’t cost a fortune and also at the end you will have a basic and affordable smart home.

Sharing my four reasons on why I think smart home is a game changer

1. Comfort & leisure

comfortYou can have an expensive home with the best interiors and art work but nothing can beat the comfort and leisure that a smart home can bring to your life. You can control your home from anywhere at the tip of your fingers or your home environment can change to pamper you at your voice command. All you need is to get hold of the right technology available to make your life simpler and better, unless you are a technophobe.

With voice control using renown brands like Apple Home kit, Amazon Alexa or Google, setting up your home to automate your daily routine is as simple as that and much affordable.

2. Security


Security has become top priority since hacking and break ins are so common these days. Just recently, our food delivery executive left our apartment after stealing our neighbor’s expensive shoes. But we were able to track him with the help of CCTV installed all around the place. Thankfully, it was only shoes and no other harm caused. So a security system at your home is always a great solution to protect your precious loved ones and valuable possessions, from any intruder or burglar.

A simple CCTV setup will work wonders for your home as a major deterrent to many wannabe thieves. Having the security system integrated with your smart phone or tablet will keep you updated always no matter where you are in the world.

3. Energy Saving

energy savingToday, energy conservation is not an option but a must and hence energy efficiency is so important for homeowners. Automation can help cut down utility bills significantly thereby not just reducing your recurring monthly expenses but also reducing your dependence on energy. Now I am not suggesting to go green completely but for the sake of a better tomorrow, we can do our bit.

A smart home can make sure that your appliances are not turned on until and unless it’s needed. This helps to focus on your current energy requirements reducing energy waste and in turn saving on your bills.

4. Affordability

AffordabilityPrice is not a major factor to build a smart home. There are countless affordable D.I.Y setups available in the market for the novice beginner. With the right design from automation consultants like us, you should be able to get a budget friendly package that can help you meet your dream home without draining your pockets.

Generally, I am asked to design a smart home from the ground up and this involves a homeowner or consultant who wants to do something fancy and meaningful for his home or client. The most common features sought after are multi room audio, security system integrations, door intercom, video servers and ambiance. Another common feature is to integrate various scenes that will be scheduled or automated at the press of a button or a voice command. For most of my clients, it’s an opportunity to showcase their most prized possession to their friends and family.

The onus of your home is solely on you and if at all it was up to me to decide, I would make sure that every home is smart. Once you have made that smart choice, you may as well get in touch with us or any other consultant to help you design your homes to be smarter and better. If you prefer only DIY systems, then you just need to search online and there is a plethora of products that can be synced with your smart phone. For any technophiles out there, you can even integrate your DIY devices with raspberry pi to do much more.

I have listed out 4 basic reasons for getting a smart home and there are many more to list out. If you feel that time, affordability, complexity or privacy is holding you back, it’s probably because your automation services provider has not given you a proper solution. If you haven’t made your home smart yet, what reasons are holding you back?

Please comment below on what reasons spoke to you.


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