22Miles Adds 3 New AI Tools to Its Digital Signage Wayfinding Platform

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22Miles unveiled three AI tools — AI 3D Map Generation, AI Widget and Offline AI — to accelerate deployments, and contain costs for 22Miles wayfinding customers. Here’s how they work:

22Miles InfoComm AI Wayfinding Screenshot

  • AI 3D Map Generation: Interactive mapping empowers users to navigate and explore venues, events and campuses with confidence. AI 3D Map Generation sets a new standard for efficiency and precision with faster-than-ever design and deployment of interactive wayfinding maps. Compared to manual mapping, the AI-driven approach slashes mapping time by 50 to 80 percent, optimizing efficiency while upholding exceptional precision. Operating on the hardware-agnostic 22Miles content management system (CMS), the maps bring advanced wayfinding capabilities to kiosks, signage and mobile devices alike. The maps adhere to ADA compliance standards and support users in navigating even the most complex spaces with ease.
  • AI Widget for CMS: AI Widget for CMS brings the 22Miles AI Assistant to mobile wayfinding customers seamlessly through the 22Miles CMS platform. With a simple drag, drop and publish action, the AI widget simplifies the process of adding conversational AI to wayfinding deployments. 22Miles customers can configure the tool with their preferred greetings, error messages and ChatGPT accounts. Then, they can deploy and offer customers an AI chatbot, which uses a proprietary training process with live data integration for accurate, context-aware, multilingual outputs to user questions. No additional configuration is required, streamlining the setup process for optimal user engagement and functionality.
  • Offline AI: 22Miles also introduces a new Offline AI system to make instant responses accessible from anywhere, even without Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Offline AI enables customers to offer a conversational AI chatbot within a downloadable AI app that occupies as little as 77MB of storage. Because it leverages a proprietary AI model, 22Miles says Offline AI is notably faster than online GPT responses while keeping customer data secure with local storage. The company also says Offline AI also offers predictable pricing regardless of query volume since it does not rely on tokens or pay-per-query.
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