Yamaha Adds Power Amplifiers with Dante

Yamaha introduced new power amplifiers dubbed the PC Series. Adding Dante audio network connectivity, a 20×8 input matrix, with sampling rates of up to 96kHz and a broader range of on-board digital signal processing (DSP)f, the amplifier also includes crossovers, delays, parametric EQs, mutes and limiters.

Yamaha currently offers a full line of power amplifiers delivering high output, quality and stability, and the new PC Series builds on these characteristics by adding new capabilities that sound engineers and integrators need as live productions and A/V systems grow more complex. By combining a 20×8 input matrix with Dante connectivity, each model in thePC Series enables more options for system design flexibility and expansion. For example, incoming analog sound can be output to a Dante network, allowing the system to be used as a four-channel Dante input rack. In systems with no mixer or signal processor, the 20×8 matrix function supports effective and flexible routing, making it possible to perform audio signal processing using the new amplifiers’ internal processor. The new amplifiers are compatible with Yamaha ProVisionaire Control/Touch software for control and monitoring via a tablet or PC, even in systems without a console or hardware controller. Amplifier parameters and configuration settings can be set quickly either on the amplifiers’ front panel or through the dedicated ProVisionaire Amp Editor management software.

A high-efficiency Class-D amp, the PC Series comes with power output options of 1200-watt (models PC412) or 600-watt (models PC406). The series offers DI models, for installed sound applications, which can handle high-impedance connections, allowing them to drive multiple speakers from a single channel. They feature three-pin block connectors for analog in and RJ45 connectors for Dante. The new D models are for touring applications, with SpeakON connectors, etherCON connectors for Dante and XLR connectors for analog in.

The new PC Series models are planned to be available in January 2020 and here are the specs.