Wisdom Audio Ships Sage Series L150i In-Wall Reference Speaker

Wisdom Audio, one of the leaders in planar magnetic technologies, has finally shipped its new L150i reference line source in-wall speaker system. Launched almost six months ago, the L150i is the tallest line source within the new multi-award-winning Sage Series. The L150i combines Wisdom’s state-of-the-art transducer elements in a way that takes full advantage of its inherent performance benefits. Wisdom Audio claims that the Sage Series L150i serves as a benchmark for industry leading architectural products available to the high-end market today — we’ll see about that.

The L150i, which has an MSRP of $15,000 each, is available as an in-wall only model and incorporates two all aluminum cabinets and full back box enclosures per channel. The large, 76-inch tall line source driver complement allows for high resolution, low distortion, outstanding dynamic range, and sound pressure levels in excess of 115 dB in a two-channel system. The L150i consists of two 76-inch H x 8-inch W cabinets per channel, with the woofer cabinet crossing over to the mid/high frequency planar magnetic line source cabinet at 275 Hz. The mid/high frequency cabinet builds upon the planar magnetic line source array of the Sage Series’ L75i model, incorporating three proprietary Wisdom Audio-designed and manufactured PMD drivers.

The low frequency cabinet within the L150i incorporates 12 six-inch high operating pressure woofers. Each woofer cabinet is driven by a single SA-1 amplifier, thereby using a combined 1,000 watts from its two 500-watt amplifier channels for the 12 woofers. Each channel is a two-cabinet system designed to be installed in-wall within four or five inches of each other (flanking a stud).

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